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Technological innovations are taking place very fast in every field of science and engineering but more rapidly in automotive sector The driving luxury, comfort and passenger safety are given highest importance by automobile manufacturers to stay ahead in competition. We, at Alfa Flexitubes, were earlier engaged in technology transfer and supplying turnkey plants for manufacturing Metal Flexible Hose and Bellows and known globally for our technological innovations.

Alfa designed and developed hydro-forming technology indigenously for production of single as well as multi-ply construction bellows in comparison to mechanical forming used by most other manufacturers. The hydro-forming technology based bellows have OMEGA (rj) shaped corrugations with no work hardening and wall thinning. This results in better flexibility and longer life.

RDD (Research, Design and Development) has been the work culture followed at Alfa Flexitubes since beginning. This is why Alfa's products are accepted in first place by users.

Most of production activities at Alfa Flexitubes are conducted on automatic production machines to ensure consistency in quality and enhance productivity. Only tested materials are used for all product components.

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